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Picture Slim by Thida ClubA person images taken with smartphones, freely, Body Type change! ! Is the camera app.
Camera shot → one button in easy makeover!
You can try to slim than now, ♪ Try to chubby to reverse.
In the camera app, handy type simulation.
Easy operation, in real-time result display of the camera app, PictureSlim (picture Slim).
I can fine-tune the thick → narrowed in multiple stages.Easy picture-taking in touch icon in the camera app. Is comfortable.
"PictureSlim" is a camera app that Thida Club is made for the first time.
--- << Disclaimer >> ----
☆ PictureSlim (hereinafter, "this application" and will be referred) In your use of, please note the following points.
・ As a result of using this app, or is due to the fact that it could not be used, in any situation, Tida Club (below, then referred to as "us"), you do not assume the responsibility.
・ For this application, a point of notice, If you have any problems or bugs of your report, please contact us at our site.
Thida Club
・ Bug fixes, for the trouble and requests, for our support, bug, bug, by the contents of the request, it can not meet, or, there is the case that time-it takes.
It acknowledges the above points, this app download, please use.